New Flash, New icon, New banner, Nearly New Year..

2007-12-29 08:20:30 by Medjai-Power

Yo Its-a-me. Long time since I've said anything. I've just submitted a new flash "Franky vs Allen Walker" not particularly proud with this one, it could have been better but oh well. New flashes coming up for 2008 which will make Frank vs Allen W look like shit.

I've created a new banner using screen shots from some of my upcoming flashes, so you get the jist of what's coming up.

Happy New Year, Over and out.


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2007-12-29 22:00:30

Love the Banner Medjai-sama.
Next Year shall be awesome.

Medjai-Power responds:

I hope it is. Just as long as it's not worse than 2007.


2008-01-02 17:07:52

hey dude its me off of sheezy art hope to see more flashes soon!!!

Medjai-Power responds:

Yeah well more flashes are coming soon :P


2008-01-02 23:42:58

Hey medjai you may not remember me but its me broncofan144 from the old forum. Just thought i would drop in a say hey. Well see ya around.

Medjai-Power responds:

Oh Hey hows it going :D