Review of 2008 Resolutions for 2009

2008-12-29 18:28:52 by Medjai-Power


This year was my most complex ever. My worst in some areas and my best in others. I found alot about myself, around me, behind me and before me. I figured out what made me mad, happy, sad and excited. It felt like I figured out the world.

The Good

- Music has sucked me this year. It used to be something I would hear, now it is something I listen to, I relate to, I love and now I'm moving into it.

- Films have also gotten more interesting to me. I've developed a liking to dramatic films over action. Story over combat etc. I also want to move into this.

- Friends have been narrowed down. I talk only to those that I want to talk to and those that I didn't I now don't.

- Girls have also been narrowed down. I only really talk to those I trust. Which is one. I talk to about 7 others but only in class or messing around.

- World? Barack Obama. First black pres. While it may not affect me (oh yeah?) it still makes me glad to know that one man can bring that much hope to a country. To the world.

The Bad

- Music has dropped these past couple of years. With hip hop being degraded to Soulja Boy and T-Pain to music as a whole being turned from industry to straight up business.

- Friends have become backstabbers, have become retards at the wrong time. Have been pissing me off. The few I narrowed down too are still not people I can trust and are only people I can have a good, smart and retarded, funny laugh with.

- Girls. A lot of them are looking more and more like sluts everyday. And they think they're not. A lot of them are becoming hard-headed and think they are above themselves.

- London, I still live here.

- Goals. Not nearly completed yet but this year has helped me develop a career plan. Using every job after Uni' as a catapult to the next. No wasting time.
I'm told if I get top grade at college I can go to almost any university, If i get a good grade in Uni I can go straight to work in the BBC (Media). From there I go from TV soundtracks, TV shows, TV films to being transferred to record labels and producing songs and moving onto movie soundtracks etc. It's a much more detailed plan and it doesn't sound so retarded.

- School is pissing me off. It's continuously sucking the life out of me and all my 'friends'. The more I concentrate on school the less life we have to spend.
I have an english oral next year which I will let out.

- The world is screwed. We can't even control something as sad as money. Money is truly our Frankenstein in a sense. We create it and it destroys us until we finally shall destroy it. That day will come.

- Video games. I love the Wii, but it's games make me sick. How on earth hasn't it gotten a good Boxing title yet?

Next Year: 2009

- Music. I will have a keyboard by then and make some music. First thing I want to do is remix 'Drunken Sailor' to make it somewhat sadder. I'll also do some sampling, remixing, and soundtracks for flash :D, and instrumentals.

- College. I don't know about this. I have to apply by January but my [b]fucking[/b] school hasn't given me my predicted grades so I can't apply yet X< I'm going for a Music Tech course as well as Film or Media studies.

- Friends. I'm leaving them behind. I only know a few I want to stay in contact with but the rest can stay where they are.

- Girls. Only one I want to take with me. The rest can stay where they are or fall even deeper.

- Job. When I turned 16 I'll be getting a minimum wage weekend job to fund my music equipment (Keyboards, Sampler/Drum machine, all that stuff) and anything else.

- World? I'm coming for you.

Personally I think 2009 will be a lift, but not a great one. I had a good feeling about 2008 and what happened. It practically collapsed.

Two more days.

808s & Heartbreak will guide me through it XD

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