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Anime Group - Want to join? Minimum of two people needed, unless more can fill the spots. (Making our own anime series)

2007-09-01 19:19:34 by Medjai-Power

Hi, I am Medjai-Power and i want to make an anime series but i need some help. So i would like to make a mini group. I'll need -

One person for Music (At least one, if more people want to then fine)

One person for animating (Me, plus i can do special effects)

One person for script/storyline (Position Filled)

At least 2 people for Voice acting ( spot possibly filled)

The General Idea Of The Anime

The general idea of the anime is this.

Six villages of elemental fighters. (Kinda like Naruto)

Ninja style fighters who can manipulate elements. (Sounds stupid, i know. Kinda like avatar, but a bit different)

In each village there is one head family, the strongest living person of that family is leader of the village along with someone else who is strong, wise, and caring.

In one certain village there is two head families. (In the family tree at the beginning of the family there was two brothers, and with every other family there is just a single child)

Elemental fighters begin there academy training at the age of 7 and finish at 12.

At 12 they take two tests. One of them they can fail, and they still will become a EF except that they probably won't be an elite. The other test is the one that makes them an EF.

There is ten elites per level.

Each level is like, Level 1, 2 and 3. 3 being strongest and 1 being weakest. (Just like Genin, Chuunin, and Jounin)

The levels are called:

Level 1: Layaf (Pronounced - Lie - aff)

Level 2: Ziad (Pronounced - Zee - add)

Level 3: Xion (Pronounced - Zy - on)

If in any head family there is a sibling in any point, the oldest child carries on the head family, while the sibling carries on an ordinary family.

Everyone in the beginning of every head family is related (But that shouldn't be revealed until later on in the anime)

Village Names.

Village ascended from the sea

Village descended from the clouds

Village uplifted from the ground

Village created by the winds

Village grown by the forests

Village created by lightning


The village uplifted from the ground is the village which the anime will be based on. It is the one with two head families.

The other villages will play there part.

Each elemental fighter gets there own animal guardian which will merge with them. Once it merges, a symbol will show up on the head or chest of the elemental fighter. Everyones crest is different. Though there are some exceptions.

Animal guardians are like souls. They don't die until there EF dies.

Towards the end of the storyline i want there to be a big war between all of the villages. Some siding with each other and battling others etc.

The main character is called Hakuta Hanabi (Japanese style names)

The second main character is Maru Kinato

Maru and Hakuta are the names of the two brothers who begin the two head families and the founders of the village uplifted from the ground.

(Villages will have different names but i can't think of them for now)

For voice actors, i don't need them straight away. It will be better if i get them later, same for music artists.

Who ever is writing the script can modify a few things to fit the storyline. This will be a drawn flash series.

I will not make it straight away. First i need the script/story then i will make manga issues (Until i finish my current works) Then i will start animating them.

If you like the idea and would like to help me. (Considering you understood everything) Just say so, or send me an private message.

I will make some character designs soon.

And please, if you like the idea but can't do anything tell your friends.


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2007-10-22 20:13:37

naruto + avatar + bionicle, I don't think it's such a good idea